Thursday, February 28, 2013

Give up the good, go for the Great

The last day of February.  I cant believe the month is already over! With the end of the month, of course, comes my monthly recap.  Again, I'm not pleased with myself.  Ive found myself playing with that dreaded "L" word on the weekends...LAZY! I know what i need to do, I'm just not being very proactive.  I need to start eating healthier, Ive fallen victim to carbs and lattes again, basically unnecessary calories that my body does not need, and just when my weight was finally going down again! Ugh! I also stopped lifting this month.  I got freaked out when i gained a few pounds.  I know it was just muscle and that muscle gain (aka weight gain) happens when you are lifting and feeding your muscles/body properly.  I just couldn't take the stress though.  The scale is like a parent i fear, like when you're a kid and you're afraid of getting caught when you do something wrong because you don't want to get into trouble, well that's the scale. It flat out tells me if I've done something wrong, shows me a number i don't want to see, and then i have to dole out a "punishment" that can compensate for what the problem is.  Sometimes that means a lower calorie intake with a higher calorie amount burned per day. Well, who am i kidding, that's what i always end up doing.  The calorie amounts vary though.  I'm finally down 5lbs again this week, whew! Now i just have about 15 more to go! I'm aiming to be just a bit below 100lbs (90). With hard work and perseverance i will get there.  Ive been there many times before, i just need to refocus and take things more seriously. I can already hear people moaning and groaning, "but you're so pretty" "You're so skinny already" "You don't need to lose weight"  Okay, i know, but please, this is my body and my way of living so just let me do me. I don't tell you how to live. Alright enough of that rambling...

My last entry was the day after my birthday and right before Yoga class.  I am falling head over heels in love with Yoga. The salon i work at, has a Yoga studio on the floor above us and I'm thinking of doing a drop in class (you register online and then show up for the class).  That or i might pay the monthly unlimited fee and then i can go to as many classes that month as id like.  I swear i would just live in this building.  Id go from work to Yoga to the gym and repeat.  Nothing wrong with that, id be doing things i love.   Fridays class was more challenging then the week priors class.  Again, i was being instructed to do more of the "advanced" techniques with the poses/moves.  Each class leaves me wanting more and excited for the next week.  This week, we wont be having class (Our instructor is unavailable. But, we are all going to still get together and do something.  I was asked to lead tomorrow night and am thinking of just finding some beginners poses and putting together and hour workout).  After Yoga class, i was playing with the idea of going to the gym but wasn't sure i wanted to.  I walked past the doors and then turned back, I felt awkward, i just stood there indecisive as to what i wanted to do.  I eventually choose to go in.  I'm glad i did as Saturday and Sunday i did not work out.  My workout Friday night wasn't very intense.  Yoga had me moving in ways that affected my knee so i wasn't wanting to overexert myself.  I did some lifting for about 30 minutes, just arms. I alternate my lifting (when i actually do lift) between arms, legs, and then do back/core together.  Before lifting, i did a small run.  My knee was killing me.  I didn't even make it to my usual minimum of a 5k.  I ran 2.03miles in 13:58 with an avg. pace of 6'52"  M1:6'56" M2:6'48"   Getting myself to run the full 2 miles was a task in itself.  My knee started screaming at me 1/2 a mile in (i also had forgotten my knee brace at home this day which didn't help matters in the least bit), but as Ive mentioned before, I'm not very good at listening to the signs of pain and i make myself push through things.  I knew i couldn't run past 2 miles though so i made myself stop, as much as it disappointed me to do so. 

That run, was the last run of my weekly goal.  I did make my goal of 20+ miles that week, finishing with 21.21 miles ran. Yeay! This week however, I'm not going to make that goal. My knee is in terrible pain and i need to allow myself the chance to let it heal again.

As i mentioned earlier, i took the weekend off from working out.  It was nice to just hang out with friends and relax. Monday, i had a meeting at 11am, and with having no driving privileges walked the mile and a half to get there.  Then of course walked back.  I was very lucky that Monday was a nice day out. After my meeting i went to straight to the gym.  I wanted to accomplish everything right away that day so i could spend my night at home relaxing.   Monday i did an hour on the StairMaster, or 8.21miles, i biked 4miles and then i ran.  Run was 3.03miles in 20:09 with an avg. pace of 6'39"  M1:6'41" M2:6'39" M3:6'36"  My knee was hurting but i told myself i had to get in my minimum. 

Tuesday, February 26, i went to the gym after work. I decided not to run so i did a 16.52mile bike ride and 30 minutes on the elliptical.  Yesterday, Wednesday the 27th, i did not make it to the gym.  I did however trudge over 2 miles in the sloppiest snowfall of the year.  It was horrible, but i had to get some errands done before i went into work.  The lesson i learned from that experience, I need new winter boots.  Today, i am working all day (about 12-13hours) and then have dinner plans right after.  I was in the mind set of "well i guess there's another day missing the gym" but, decided to get my act together and set my alarm early! I set it for 430 and snoozed til 530.  I did get to the gym though and I'm so happy i did!! My time was limited so i didn't get much accomplished but i burned over 700cals so now i don't feel guilty drinking my nonfat latte.  I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and then i did 41minutes on the StairMaster.  At that point, it was 645 and i needed to shower and get ready for work.  My knee hasn't been feeling any better, its actually been hurting more.  No bueno :(

February'a overall stats:
Miles ran: 43.7 Avg pace: 6'44" Total time: 4:54.32

Hm, well that's all my shenanigans for the week.  Until next time..."Don't look for your dreams to come true; Look to become true to your dreams" -Michael Beckwith

Friday, February 22, 2013

GYM is my boyfriend

Can you believe it...a second entry this week! Much better then my average one per month.  I don't have much activity to report today though.  Yesterday was my birthday so i took it easy on myself.  I was feeling a bit tired and worn down as well so i wanted to allow myself a form of a "recovery day"  Maybe I'm just tired because I'm an old lady now. 

I did a moderate run of 3.03 miles (had to get my 5k minimum...3.2miles).  And cooled down with a mile jog/walk.  I could've stayed longer and done more cardio, but i called it quits after that.  First and only time i will ever leave the gym having done such small workout.  I know most people would feel good about themselves for having run 3 miles, and they should, but its just not me.  I need to burn 1000cals a day and leave soaking wet.  I wear three layers, a workout tank, a tee shirt (or long sleeve) and a sweatshirt.  I don't leave until the sweat has soaked to the sweatshirt.  I know, I'm crazy! But, I'm okay with that.  Some people think its sick how much i workout and frown upon and say there must be something wrong with me.  Others, admire my endurance and DEDICATION to staying fit.  To each their own. I'm going to continue to do what makes me happy.

After leaving the gym, after my baby workout, i let myself relax with a shopping trip and even went out to dinner and ate my entire meal!! WHOA! I don't do that, but i let myself be okay with it just once.  Today, i even let myself eat something that is on my "No no" list.  I had chef boyardee ravioli.  I don't eat processed foods, or foods that come from a can (unless it organic vegetables).  But eh, you only live once and i was hungry. 

Tonight, being Friday, its Yoga class!! I cant wait! I have a huge knot behind my right shoulder blade so I'm hoping it doesn't affect how much i can do in class.  Then of course, ill head straight to the gym afterwards.  I'm thinking an hour on the StairMaster and a 30minute bike.  If I'm up to it, ill run.  Ive found the StairMaster gives me the best sweat in an hour and i burn the most calories. And after how Ive eaten the past two days, i need to be burning a TON of calories.  I would love to go home crawl into bed and eat a pan of lasagna, but that is not happening, nor will it ever.  I don't care how tired i am, the gym has to happen.  Being skinny takes hard work! (well that and i happen to have a fabulous metabolism)

Okay, so here is yesterdays run, i know you are all dying to know what my "moderate run" looks like.   Ran 3.03miles in 20:36 with an avg. pace of 6'47/mi   M1:6'51" M2:6'45" M3:6'48"

Until next time... Life is short, go run

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Learning to love myself...finally!!

The month of February holds a lot of significance to me, especially this year.  This time last year, i was paying my "debt to society" or at least Milwaukee County. Basically, i wasn't a free woman.  That is behind me now, and Ive been doing my darnedest to maintain an upbeat outlook on life while living soberly.  February is also Eating Disorder awareness month.  After 15 years of struggle and torment, i am slowly starting to have the demon named "ED" leave my side.  He creeps back now and then, and when he does he comes strong and with a vengeance.  Running and really throwing myself into fitness has started to help conquer that voice that tells me i don't need to "refuel" my body.  Lastly, this is my birthday month! Tomorrow i turn 27. holy moly. My life definitely took a different direction and path then i had expected, but my past has shaped me into the woman i am today.  Ive had a lot of tough battles, whether it be my eating disorder, a past drug addiction and alocholism, i have started to make it through all of these.  God doesn't give you what you cant handle. 

That being said, onto the running rambles! Ive actually got quite a handful of runs to blog.  Ill try to just keep it basic and get the times out there.  I have one run from January that i didn't blog; Jan 26th. I ran 3.03miles in 20:49 with an average pace of 6'52"pm  M1:6'56"  M2:6'49"  M3:6'49" 
My totals for January:  Total Miles: 38.1  Total time: 4:31.06  Average overall Pace: 7'06"

The month of February, i made a pact to myself that i would run more.  Last week, i set a goal on my Nike plus to run 20miles (minimum) each week for the next 16 weeks.  The more miles i can log per week the better, as long as i make sure to not over exert myself and am cautious about my knee. 

Alright, February runs:
Feb 4: Ran 4.12miles in 28:14 with avg pace of 6'50"  (This run was at 604AM, the week i was motivated to get in early gym workouts)  M1:6'51" M2:6'45" M3:6'50" M4:6'55"

Feb 5: (515am) Ran 4.13miles in 27:33 with an avg pace of 6'40" (nice improvement from day prior)
M1:6'45" M2:6'40" M3:6'42" M4:6'33"

Feb 6: (534am) Ran 4.05miles in 27:01 with an avg pace of 6'40"   M1:6'44" M2:6'42" M3:6'38" M4:6'34"

then i took 3 days off from the gym completely

Feb 11: Ran 3.02miles in 19:57 with an avg pace of 6'36"  M1:6'48" M2:6'32" M3:6'24"

Feb 12:  I did not run, instead, i did an hour on the StairMaster ending it with 8.08miles and 30minutes on the bike completing 12.88miles

Feb 13:  The weather was nice this day, 43degrees and super sunny! :) So, i bundled up a bit and ran outside.  I couldn't let a nice day slip away. 
I ran 3.02 miles in 19:58 with an avg pace of 6'36" M1:6'55" M2:6'34" M3:6'18  This run was almost identical to the day prior, it had a one second difference; I also was against the elements such as winds and different running conditions including inclines and downhills.  I did a cool down run of 1.12miles.  I normally do not log my cool downs as i don't want them to affect my overall average time; Normally I walk them on the treadmill, however, being outside, i logged this one to make sure i did in fact cool down for 1mile.

Feb 14: Valentines day! I was at work from 730am-915pm so i didn't work out.  i even had the chance to actually have dinner with someone and had to cancel because i was stuck at work so long and exhausted at the end of the night

Feb 15: I did not run this day either, but, i did start Yoga! Every Friday night i will be doing an hour yoga class.  It was amazing.  I have never done Yoga before and i am stunned at myself that i haven't.  The instructor kept mentioning advanced moves and looking at me each time, and i was actually able to do them, and quite well. I left the class feeling very pleased with myself and with that sore feeling I've grown to love. Of course, i went straight to the gym after yoga. Did an hour on the stair master getting in a bit over 8 miles.

Feb 16: Again, I took the day off from running. I had a long day at work and wasn't feeling the treadmill. I did an hour on the stair master getting in 8.32miles and did a 30 minute bike getting in 7.65. Being an "Arm Day" after my cardio i lifted for about 45 minutes.


Feb 17: I actually had a really great Sunday. Woke up to a friend I haven't spoken to in ages asking if I wanted to go to an AA meeting with him. It was a good meeting and I am glad I went. Afterwards, I went for a run, outside! It was 22degrees out but the sun was shining and I couldn't resist the opportunity to run along Lake Michigan.
Ran 6.12miles in 41:36 with an avg pace of 6'47" M1:6'58" M2:6'58" M3:6'53" M4:6'48" M5:6'42" M6:6'25" I felt great after that run. It's really awesome how I can tell my lungs are clearing out from quitting smoking. Breathing in that fresh air felt so amazing, especially knowing I wasn't going add any unnecessary pollution afterwards.

Monday the 18th I took as a rest day. Went to another meeting and had lunch with a friend. Tuesday the 19th, I didn't have much time to work out. I had plans to go out to an early dinner with my Dad to celebrate my birthday. I was able to get in a 7milr run though. I had been hoping to do 9 but I just didn't have the time.
Ran 7.00miles in 46:10 with an avg pace of 6'35" M1:6'58 M2:6'43" M3:6'45" M4:6'21" M5:6'20" M6:6'23" M7:6'36"
I was pleased with that run. Around mile 4 I started to feel my knee nagging at me, so maybe its good I didn't have time for those 2 extra miles.

Today's workout was much less. It was solely a cardio day. I ran 3.03miles in 20:40 with an avg pace of 6'49" M1:6'47" M2:6'48" M3:6'53" halfway thru mile 1 i started feeling my knee again but decided that I would push myself to finish a 5K (my minimum) after the 3miles I reduced the speed to an 720per mile pace and cooled off with a 2 mile run. Then i did the stair master for 20 min or 2.89miles and then finished with a 33min bike or 8.70 mile bike. Tomorrow I might actually take a rest day, give my knees a break as go buy myself a new outfit to wear to my "birthday dinner" :)

Feb to date: 35.6miles total time: 3:59'48" overall avg pace: 6'43" and in keeping with the goal i set on Sunday of 20 miles per week, this week I'm at 16.15miles. Yeay!

Until next time, may you push through your mind telling you to stop and conquer your goals