Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hemp Heart Bars

This past month, I got to review Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bars. Hemp Heart bars are a great source of protein and Omega 3 & 6! Each bar contains 10 grams of plant-based protein and 10 grams of Omegas. received two bars, one in the chocolate flavor and one in the apple cinnamon. There is also a vanilla flavor available which i have yet to try.  

I paired my Chocolate Hemp Hear Bar with my morning coffee.  It was a great way to start my day with proper nutrition and a pick me up! If you've never tried Hemp Hearts,  you'll find the texture to be a bit different, and for some a bit off putting.  Since i had the opportunity last year to review hemp hearts,  I had an idea of what to expect.  

As you can see in the picture, Hemp Heart Bars are very textured and filled with hemp hearts!  I found the 45g bar to be the perfect serving size. The chocolate flavor was great and I really enjoyed having this as my breakfast.  Hemp Heart Bars are great for on the go, be it for a grab and go breakfast or a quick pick me up before a work out. 

The apple cinnamon bar was not to my liking.  I am not a fan of that flavor combination so i wasn't able to eat the whole bar.  However, if you are a fan of that flavor combination, give it a try! 

Right now, Manitoba Harvest is having a Hemp Heart Bar giveaway, so if you want to try these amazing bars for free, enter their photo contest!! You have until March 31 to enter and can get details here :)   Or if you really want to try them now, you can use code hhbarlaunch1015 to recieve 15% off your order! 

I highly recommend the chocolate! Happy hearts eat hemp heart bars!