Friday, August 15, 2014

A welcoming change

Hello my dear friends! I am so sorry i haven't, once again, posted in such a long time.  I recently have been privileged to start working my dream job and it has just consumed my time.  I am now a certified personal trainer at Golds Gym here in Milwaukee.  I am in love with my job and the job satisfaction is amazing.   

In the time that i have been there, i have gained clients, helped change lives and outlooks on personal fitness and health, and in turn helped myself with conquering some of my own personal demons.  Most people who read this know that i have suffered a 17 year battle with an eating disorder and body image issues.  Working at the gym, preaching fitness and health, surrounded by others who are preaching the same, has had a huge change on my outlook.  I have increased my weight, im eating 3 meals and snacks a day (not that i dont have days where i still struggle, because i do) and im just embracing my body.  Its such a huge and positive change.  

My running is still going really well! Yeay!  I am training just as hard, but not as often.  I have access to a pool now, so i am alternating days with pool training and running, as well as doing a lot of weight and strength training.  I am even considering entering myself into a bikini or physique competition.  I work with such great people that i would have a constant support system and i wouldn't have to worry about doing anything wrong as i have people with experience working with me daily to help guide and direct me if i decided to enter. 

Anyways, i just wanted to give a quick update on things. Its not a very detailed one and its not very exciting but i will try to update more often and have some more exciting things to say!

Until next time "Out greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to just try one more time"  -Thomas A. Edison