Thursday, June 6, 2013

This Princess wears Running Shoes

(please note, this entry started at around the 20th of may and now just got finished so is a bit of old news)

I am so bad at staying up to date! May is almost over and i have yet to blog one of my runs from this month.  Before i get into the runs ill do a quick update on life. Cause mine is SOOO exciting. haha

Softball is going really good.  I love my team.  Its a great group of people and i play with one of my best friends.  Ive been trying to make a point of running or at least working out every day.  There is no reason to have an excuse not to.  If i have to get up earlier or stay up later, then i just have to. A day without working out will send me into a complete panic attack.  Ive been struggling a lot lately with where my weight is at.  My weight isnt like super low, its actually at a healthy weight and thats what is driving me crazy. I don't like being "healthy" i like looking bony and sickly thin.  To each their own.  Let haters hate, its what makes me feel happy and im the one who has to live with this body.  Ive been working 2 jobs, both are going great.  I love that it keeps me busy. A few weekends ago, i dog sat for about a week.  It was for the dog i watched a couple of times last summer.  The cutest and sweetest rottweiler.  The boy i had been smitten with, well thats over.  We had a great connection and vibed really well, but it ended up being constant drama, brought on by both ends.  This past weekend we got in a fight and thats it for me.  I dont need that in my life.  Especially over some petty bullshit.  So, i deleted his number and am moving on.  I got myself a new sponsor in AA.  Im going outside of the AA norm and i have a guy as my sponsor; he is only my temporary sponsor until i can find a woman who i can connect to as well as who has what i want.  When looking for a sponsor you should seek out someone who has what you want and will give you spiritual guidance and work the steps. 

...well i got very side tracked and its been over a week since i started this entry.  May is now over (Its june 4) so i have a whole month worth of runs to blog.  My knees have been terrible! And now im dealing with my right hip flexer giving me problems.  Im just falling apart.  Moving/walking is starting to hurt.  But i keep pushing through the pain and going hard.  I signed up for the "Rock N Sole" 5k here in Milwaukee.  Its in two weeks.  Im really excited for it and am going to try to make myself rest and not over do it so that im in better condition come race day.  My ultimate goal is top 10 (out of male and female) and I would ideally like to take 1st place overall for women.    This upcoming monday, i have a new pair of shoes being delivered to me! Im super excited to finally retire my nikes.  Ive been running in them for way to long.  I order the Puma Mobium Elite Running Shoes.  Im very excited about them. 

Okay, well time to blog the runs:

The Month of May general overview:  Ran 78.3miles, overall avg pace of 6'12" (i dont have a total time as nike made changes to the app and now says the nike fuel i earned instead of time.  i still dont really understand what the nike fuel points are for)

The runs:
May 1- (ran outside) 4.28miles avg pace 6'28" total 27:42 M1:6'38" M2:6'28" M3:7'04" M4:5'36"
May 4- (indoor) 3.13miles avg pace 6'29" total 20:17 M1:6'37" M2:6'33" M3:6'20"
May 5- (ran outside) 2.28miles avg pace 6'23" total 14:36 M1:6'26" M2:6'16"
May 6- (outside-was trying to run at a half marathon pace) 4.28miles avg pace 7'02" total 30:11 M1:6'24" M2:7'06" M3:7'26" M4:7'19"
May 8- (outside)- I sprinted a mile- 1.02mile avg pace 5'45" total time 5'53"  Then i rested for 5 minutes and went on a 2.18mile run My gps went haywire this day and stopped working so i dont have times

May 12- (indoor) 5.01miles avg pace 6'25" total 32:12 M1:6'24" M2:6'25" M3:6'27" M4:6'29" M5:6'21"  I was pleased with this run as i ran at a consistent pace 

May 13- (outside) 3.14miles avg pace 6'09" total 19:20 M1:6'02" M2:6'36" M3:5'53"
May 14- (indoor, 430 am workout) 6.21miles avg pace 6'33" total 40:42 (this was a best 10K time for me)
May 15- (outside) 2.32miles avg pace 6'28" total 15:04 M1:6'33" M2:6'31"
May 16- (this was the last day i hung out with the guy id been seeing, so i took it easy at the gym/had a quick workout so that i would have time to get ready to hang out) Ran 1.01miles 6'39" biked 12miles 
May 17- (indoor) 3.22miles avg pace 6'40" total 21:30 M1:6'49" M2:6'45" M3:6'30"
May 18- (indoor) this day I had intended to do a fast run rest 5 min then do another but i ended up walking a mile and a half between runs while talking to a guy on the treadmill next to me. Ran 2.01mi avg pace 6'31 total 13:10 M1:6'37" M2:6'26" walked then ran 2.46miles avg pace 6'15" total time 15:22 M1:6'21" M2:6'09"

May 19- (indoor) ran 2.02miles avg pace 6'12" total time 12:33 M1:6'22" M2:6'03" 
May 20- (outside)5.04miles avg pace 6'25" total time 32:23 M1:6'56" M2:6'57" M3:6'43" M4:6'35" M5:6'27"
May 21- (indoor) 4.21miles avg pace 6'26" total time 27:09 M1:6'42" M2:6'35" M3:6'14" M4:6'20" 
May 23- (indoor) 3.18miles avg pace 6'13" total time 19:46 M1:6'30" M2:6'05" M3:6'08" then 20 min stair master then ran 1.53miles recovery run in 10:48
May 25- (indoor) 3.13miles avg pace 5'22" total time 16:49 M1:5'17" M2:5'27" M3:5'22" 
May 26- (indoor) 3.15miles avg page 5'21" total time 16:53 M1:5'29" M2:5'29" M3:5'06
May 28- (indoor) 3.15miles avg page 5'15" total time 16:35 M1:5'13" M2:5'07" M3:5'23"
did 22min StairMaster then sprinted a mile. 1.00 5'23"
May 29- (outside) 3.18miles avg pace 5'42" total time 18:11 M1:5'34" M2:5'5" M3:5'39"
May 30- (indoor) this day my hipflexer along with my knees really started to bother me.  Im currently running in intense pain because of my hipflexer.  I should be taking off but, well this is me we're talking about.  Ran 3.15miles avg page 5'05" total time 16:01 M1:5'04" M2:5'03" M3:5'05"  this was was great run.  I was consistent and i ran my fastest 5k to date 15:44

I took off of working out on the 31st.  I know i needed to.  Ive been stretching a lot but the pain is at its worst.  I walk with a limp.  Once i get past the initial pain onset, and push through it, im fine and when i stop the pain returns.  (okay now its june 6. im soooo bad at getting this done!!)  I was at the gym on tuesday (2 days ago) and talked with a physical therapist.  I shouldnt have ran that day but eh i did.  And then i could hardly walk.  Ive been in extreme pain the last few days.  Yesterday i was crying while walking to work because i hurt so bad.  The physical therapist told me my injury is brought on by my posture.  My natural stance (and i have horrrrible posture) is keeping me in a constant stretch. Then add running like i have been to that and im just overstretcing my body, also my hips are uneven and thats been adding to the hip injury.  He told me my core is extremely weak and that as of right now i need to stop running and start to strengthen my core.  He also gave me some exercises that will help me with my posture but my core is key.  So i have 8 days to let myself "heal" before this 5k.  Im running this race no matter what.  And im giving it my all.  I just will take it easy and ice and fuel my body correctly until next week Saturday.

I do have a few runs from this month:
June 1: Ran 4.09miles (indoor) avg pace 5'10" total 21.12 M1:5'08" M2:5'04" M3:5'14" M4:5'14"
June 2: Ran 3.15miles (indoor) avg pace 5'17" total 146:41 M1:5'30" M2:5'05" M3:5'12"
June 3: Ran 1.01 (outside.  i got my new running shoes in the mail and wanted to quickly try them out! They are amazing) 6'19" total 6'25"
June 4: Ran 3.22miles (indoor) this is the day i shouldnt have run avg pace 5'34" total 17:56  M1:5'29" M2:5'37" M3:5'32"

I just hope that i can push through this injury and run the times i have been running the past few weeks when i do the Rock N Sole.  I really want to win the womens division and place top 10 overall.  I mean in a perfect world id just win the whole race. 

Until next time, "The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win" -Robert Bannister