Monday, October 22, 2012

It's what runners do: we keep on keeping on

Once again, I have slacked in staying up to date with blogging my runs. The last entry was a recap, so I haven't talked about an actual run since October 2. I don't have as many as I'd like to write about; Life got in the way and kept me from running as much as I'd have liked.

I guess I'll back track to where I've "left off". My memory isn't going to be spot on about these runs, but I do keep little notes after each run to help me reflect on where I can improve. Tuesday October 9 is where I've left off... It was a nice day, very windy though. This whole month the wind has been terrible. I start all my runs going south on prospect ave and I swear its a wind tunnel. Im not a weather man and understating cold and hot fronts and wind patterns has never been my thing, but I think the strong wind has something to do with me living less than 1/2 a mile from lake Michigan. If I'm wrong, I would actually appreciate some insight. So back to my run, the day was nice, temperature of 61F I ran right after work so around 230. I completed 4.11 miles in 29:00 with an avg pace of 7'03". Pretty good for having had a handful of days prior without a run. I felt good and strong and had the wind at my back for the majority of my run, exception being the first mile. M1: 7'11" M2: 6'41" M3: 7'12" M4: 7'05"
Wednesday Oct 10 I ran a bit later in the day, around 4pm. The temp was 48F so a significant change compared to the day prior. I didn't want to face the cold, but I pulled out an old high school swim sweatshirt, layered on the long sleeves and sucked it up. The wind was present but not as bad. I completed 4.07mi in 30.34 with an average pace of 7'08". M1: 7'10" M2: 7'09" M3: 7'07" M4: 7'08". My initial reaction was one of disappointment as I ran slightly slower and .03 shorter than the previous day, however, once reviewing the times per mile and seeing how I rocked at being consistent with holding a steady pace I was actually quite pleased. I think it's a great accomplishment to run 4miles at the same pace.
Thursday, Oct 11, I did not get in a run. On Friday, I was able to leave work early (I normally work 730a-630p on Fridays) so i made a point of working out that day. On Monday oct 8 I started to do a "butt Buster" workout as well. It gives you a feeling in your legs that is very similar to wall sits but it also works on the butt muscles. Gotta keep my ass in shape, literally. Friday I ran 4.24 mile in 31:46 with an avg pace of 7'29" I was feeling a bit tired and the wind was stronger. The temp was 46F. M1: 7'13" M2: 7'31" M3: 7'41" M4: 7'30"
Saturday, I didn't run either. I had as at work til 4, followed by hanging out with a friend and than my normal saturday night commitment- for those who don't know, I'm a recovering drug addict and alcoholic so I spend my evenings at aa meetings, which I truly love. I am very blessed to have found sobriety and with that, I have been blessed to have gained so many wonderful friends. Saturday nights, I am involved in a service commitment at a meeting.

Moving on...Sunday, oct 14... I was feeling exhausted! I had stayed up late hanging out with friends and watching a movie (I go to bed by 11 at the latest during the week so being up til 2 was killer). I mixed my run up just a tad, adding in steeper inclines with a mixture of downhill running. I ran 4.27mi in 31.48 with an average pace of 7'26". It was a nicer day out, temp was at 65F I did encounter some chest pains as I was running, which Is noticeable on mile 4. M1: 7'05" M2: 7'29" M3: 7'25" M4: 7'42"

Monday I didn't run. I took an easy day and slept. On Tuesday and Wednesday I also didn't run, but that is because I was doing work with another alcoholic and completed my 5th step. Since having completed that, I've been noticeably happier. Others have mentioned to me that ive seemed suddenly happier, not knowing I'd completed that step. I do feel a sense of relief and a bit more peace has come to me. On Thursday, oct 18, I finally was out running again. The temp was 48F and I ran in strong wind, so strong I got blown off balance a few times, also, I ran in a downpour. I didn't mind though. I HAD to run. I don't like feeling like I'm getting back into the groove and than having to stop. If I have to fight the elements, than so be it! This girl needs to run! I completed 4.11mi in 30:51 with an avg pace of 7'30". M1: 7'24 M2: 7'49" M3: 7'17" M4: 7'31". After the run, the already present knee pain that I've always had was a bit more bothersome. I didnt really notice it until Friday, when bending down at work, a sharp pain went shooting thru my knee. But since I do everything to the extreme and don't take "injuries" seriously, I of course haven't done anything to"fix" that problem. Another "issue" I encountered after that run was an obscenely high heart rate. I take my heart rate at the end of every run and it normally falls in the 150-160 range. Thursday it was 174.
Friday, I was at work all day and Saturday was a repeat of the previous Saturdays, therefore no running. Yesterday, Sunday oct 21, I got out and ran. I felt a bit tired. Saturday I didn't get to bed til around 4am. Us sober kids know how to have some fun! The weather was perfect for a run! The sun was shining, the wind wasn't strong and it was around 60F outside. I did a bit shorter of a run. Ran 3.04mi in 20:58 with an avg pace of 6'54" M1: 6'55" M2: 6'38" M3: 7'08". Mile 3 I was starting to get chest pains and knee pains so I let myself slow down. My heart rate was 175 after. That night, I walked to my normal Sunday meeting (about 1mi away) and by the time I got there I was walking with a limp and wincing at every step. My knee is in terrible pain right now. Even so, If today hadn't tuned into a stormy afternoon, I would have gone out running. Guess this is a sign that I need to rest. Even if my knee is still bothering me tomorrow, if the weather is decent, Ill put on my knee brace and log a few more miles. I don't really understand the word moderation haha.
I've also recently downloaded a pedometer. I walk everywhere- to work, the grocery, I was curious as to how much I'm walking. After reviewing the past week, I average about 4 miles of walking a day. Not to shabby. I'm also starting to really focus on my diet, I'm trying to eat clean, cutting out any sweets and carbs. I'm struggling with giving up caffeine and am still not able to give up smoking. I start to do good with that and than the weekend comes and everyone I hang out with on the weekend smokes and it makes sense to keep lighting up. So not good, but I will kick this nasty habit before the new year. I'm trying to get myself into amazing shape and I can't have that keeping me from being at my best.

That's all for now. May you continue to do today what others won't so tomorrow you can do what others can't

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Whats your number?

I've had my Nike+ app for a couple of months now and figured id list my monthly statistics.  I started using Nike+ on July 7th of this year. 

Here is my monthly progress:

July 2012:   Miles ran: 77.9  Total time: 9:46:24    Average pace: 7'31"/mi

August 2012:  Miles ran: 65.4  Total time: 8:01:43  Average pace: 7'22"/mi

September 2012:  Miles ran: 59.4  Total time: 7:27:18 Average Pace: 7'27"/mi

If you read through my posts, i talk about how i had hit a lazy stretch and a period of time where i was a bit too depressed to get up for a run.  This is reflected in my stats, as each month my total mileage has decreased.  Im hoping that i will begin to improve on this.  I had set a goal for myself in september, and i most definitley did not reach that goal. 

As of today, my total mileage is 211.2 miles with a total average time of 7'36" / mi

Milestone times:

Fastest 1k: 03:55
Fastest 1Mile: 05:53
Fastest 5K (3.2miles): 18:47

Well that's just a quick update. I have a few runs to write about, but I will do that in a separate entry. Until next time, keep calm and trust the the process

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The voice in your head that says you can't do this is a liar

Its been 12 days since i last posted, and I'm very disappointed i don't have 12 runs to blog about.  I could make excuses as to why i wasn't out running, but it really comes down to the fact that i was dealing with some personal things and had to take time to regroup and re balance.  Ive had a lot of people the past few days tell me i look different, more content, happier.  I guess i needed that break and I am finally feeling at ease and whole again.  Add a couple days of consecutive running into the mix and i feel like I'm back to my old self again :)

Last week i was able to run Tues, wed and Thurs.  Friday and Saturday i worked all day and had commitments that filled my evening. I felt so at peace and happy running again. Its crazy how a week away messed up my mentality.  I am so grateful for such simple things, two legs that work! and the beautiful weather that i was able to enjoy last week.  Tuesday, I went for a run after leaving work.  I stayed at work until 3 and come 315 was pounding pavement.  I ran 4.12 miles in 30:22 with an avg. pace of 7'22" per mile.  Not so bad for having taken time off and not being as consistent with working out as i had been.  M1:7'22" M2:7'11" M3:7'34" M4:7'19"  Overall i maintained a pretty consistent pace and was able to feel good about myself at the end. 

Wednesday, I was feeling very relaxed and on top of my game.  I ran 4.03 miles in 28:02 with an avg pace of 6'56" per mile.  M1: 6'48" M2: 6'56" M3: 6'42" M4:7'20"  I started to run out of fuel towards the end, but i felt amazing once i was done.  I always find that about a half hour after I'm done running, I'm ready to go back out and run some more.  I do have other things to do besides run all day though, so i can run a lot all at once or be satisfied with a brief 4 miles. 

Thursday, i sat around debating running.  I could feel myself drifting into my mind and that isn't always a great place to get stuck, so before i started over thinking and bumming myself out i got out of my head and ready for a run.  Once i started running, my tiredness and jumble of thoughts left me and i started to immediately feel better.  I ran 4.03 miles in 28:13 with an avg. pace of 7'00".  I felt satisfied with the run as it was very consistent with the day prior and only a few seconds slower in time.  M1: 7'00" M2: 7'08" M3: 6'57" M4:6'52" 

Friday and Saturday, as i stated earlier, i was busy with work and evening commitments so i did not have the time to squeeze in a run.  On Sunday, i spent the morning sleeping in and than spent the day with my twin brother.  I did have some time to run, however, i had "homework" that needed to be finished so i devoted my time to that.  Sometimes i have to make other things a priority as much i wish i didn't.   Monday, i had nothing to do.  I sat around for the majority of my morning and as my laziness started creeping in some more, i jumped out of bed and changed.  I needed to get out and get in a run or i knew id be severely disappointed in myself and come the end of the day would be doing some unnecessary self loathing, which I've found is always best avoided. I started out at an easy pace and than soon decided that I felt good and wanted to try for a sub 6 min mile. I didn't achieve that goal, I ran 1.02 in 6'15". I rested for about 2 minutes and than was ready to go at it again. I ran another 3.12 miles in 23:06 with an avg pace of 7'24". M1: 7'10" M2: 7'38" M3: 7'44". I could feel my body tiring out but kept pushing myself as I needed to get in my minimum requirement of 4 miles. Sadly, I haven't run since Monday. I still have time and might go out today, but I was very sick the past few days and am trying to bounce back from that. I know Saturday I will get in a good run after I'm done working for the day. Until next time...