Saturday, January 26, 2013

Defy your limitations

The month is almost over, and I'm finally starting to feel fit and in shape again! Whew! It been awhile since Ive felt like this.  The fall brought with it, as per usual, colder weather.  Once that cold weather comes, my motivation leaves.  I become content sitting at home bundled up under blankets and being a lazy bookworm.  This gym membership is the best thing Ive done for myself this year.  Ive also started to become really engrossed in researching "fitness Modeling" and "body building" which is helping me with my body image issues.  With working out as much as i am (about 2-3 hours a day) I'm starting to become more comfortable having a meal afterwards, knowing that i am fueling my body and helping it to stay strong and continue to get fit. My newest obsession is the Harvest Vegetable Salad from Comet Cafe, conveniently on my walk home from the gym and only 1/2 a block from my apartment. It normally comes with tofu (which i love!) but I'm embracing the Paleo diet, so i substitute a plain grilled chicken breast instead and no dressing (it comes with a delicious ginger dressing, but ginger is also now "off limits")  Ive had it 4 times this week and will most likely have it for dinner tonight as well. 

I took a day off from the gym yesterday.  I was feeling very exhausted, and Ive realized, its okay to not be at the gym everyday. I do have a bunch of runs to blog.  I've run a total of 36miles this month (so far).  Its not as high of a mileage as i would like.  Id like to work myself up to the point where i am running an average of 40 miles per week.  Ive been lifting everyday and working on getting more toned and muscular.  I can feel my body getting stronger and have even received some compliments on the muscle i have built up.  My pace has started to get faster as well.  Ive only been running about 3.1 miles a day.  I'm trying to work on my 5k pace first.  I want to run an 18min 5k this summer so i need to get my pace to a steady 6'15" if I'm to be in that 18min range.  The faster the better :)

Runs: (all on treadmill, no incline):

Jan 11: Miles: 3.03 Time: 22:10 Avg Pace: 7'18"  M1: 7'08" M2: 7'57" M3: 7'14"

Jan 12: Miles: 3.07 Time: 22:47 Avg Pace: 7'25"  M1: 7'17" M2: 7'21" M3: 7'33"

Jan 13: Miles: 3.07 Time: 22:23 Avg Pace: 7'17"  M1: 7'48" M2: 7'03" M3: 6'58"

Jan 14: Miles: 3.04 Time: 21:12 Avg Pace: 6'57"  M1: 7'03" M2: 6'57" M3: 6'50"

Jan 15:  I did not run, instead i did an hour on the elliptical to give my knees a break from the persistent pounding of the treadmill

Jan 16: Miles: 3.06 Time: 21:29 Avg Pace: 7'00"  M1: 7'02" M2: 7'00" M3: 7'00"

Jan 17: Miles: 4.04 Time: 28:24 Avg Pace: 7'01"  M1: 7'02" M2: 7'02" M3: 6'59" M4: 7'00"

Jan 18: Miles: 305  Time: 21:26 Avg Pace: 7'00"  M1: 7'01" M2: 7'02" M3: 7'01"

Jan 19: Miles: 3.06 Time: 21:17 Avg Pace: 6'57"  M1: 7'10" M2: 6'52" M3: 6'49"

Jan 20: I took this as a recovery day and stayed home. 

Jan 21: Miles: 3.50 Time: 24:50 Avg Pace: 7'04"  M1: 7'14" M2: 6'59" M3: 7'02"

Jan 22 & 23: Instead of running, i did an hour on the stairmaster each day :)

Jan 24: I started with 30 minutes on the stairmaster, then moved to the treadmill, and then followed with weights, this was a leg day.  My first mile of running was a lot slower then the last two as i was having technical difficulties with my music and i refuse to run with out sound
    Miles: 3.12  Time: 21:35 Avg Pace: 6'55"   M1: 7'24" M2: 6'51" M3: 6'32"

After i complete each run, i stay on the treadmill and cool down with a 1mile walk.  I always follow my cardio sessions with weights and other strengthening exercises.  My next run, my goal is to maintain a 6'50" pace if not lower. Here's to hoping I can make it happen :)

Until next time...

New Year, New Me

Apologies for my lack of entries to anyone who reads this (not sure if anyone does, but eh, i write to get my thoughts out and to have a way to keep track of my progress).  Its now the new year, one that i plan to make amazing!  I had some big ups and downs last year and can feel 2013 being a year of positivity and growth. Whoo hoo!

2012 did not end with a bang for me.  It ended with me spending 4 days in bed and cuddling with my cat while trying to nurse myself back to health.  I'm still not quite over this "bug" that i caught but I'm not letting that effect my path to progress.  November 10, 2012 is the last run i blogged about.  I don't have many more to report, but ill just give the quick stats for them.  I spent a lot of time resting, trying to get my knee to recover.  If i wasn't running, i was jump roping a minimum of 30 minutes a night...i know, its not good for my knee either but i cant sit still! Both November and December i logged only 3 runs.  Work became extremely busy in December where i was working 50+hour weeks and 2 jobs; the weather also played a part in my lack of running.  Now that work is calm and i purchased (FINALLY) a gym membership, ill be able to start regaining strength and logging more miles. 

Nov 14: ran at 9:22pm, it was windy, rainy and cold!  I only did 1.21 miles, in 8:57 avg pace 7'22"    That day i knew i wasn't supposed to be running with my knee hurting, but like Ive said, i just cant sit still!  It was late and the roads were slippery so i just did a quick mile so that i could feel like i accomplished a little bit of something

Dec 1: ran at 4:33pm, i don't really remember much about the weather that day and Nike+ didn't log the temp as it normally does.  I ran 4.03mi in 29:39 at an avg. pace of 7'20"

Dec 17: (again i went 2 weeks to try and rest my knee as it hurt after running on the 1st) I ran at 6:27pm  The weather was chilly and damp 32degrees.  I had an AA meeting to get to at 7pm so i knew i wasn't going to get in much of a run and i wasn't sure how my knee would hold up.  I ran 1.01miles in 6:34 with an avg. pace of 6'30" 

Dec 25: I spent Christmas day alone due to having a dysfunctional family that cannot get along with each other.  Its a part of life and running is a great way to escape from having to think about that.   I decided i would run to the Redbox and get some movies so i could just veg out and relax all day.  I ran at 3:55pm.  It was overcast and a bit windy but not too bad, the temp was 27degrees.   I ran 3.75miles in 26:35 at an average pace of 7'04"   I felt tired but i was happy with that run. 

I went and found my old running account on Runkeeper today so that i could see how i did overall for 2012.   I did not run at all during the months of January-May so i only ran the summer and fall.  July is the month i logged the most miles...77.9miles   My total for the year:   292.15 miles  (i think its time for my to buy a new pair of running shoes!) 

I'm not 100% happy with how the year ended, but i do have to cut myself some slack.  January-March i had some extenuating circumstances that did not permit me to exercise.  April i started a new job and May i was busy moving and adjusting to "life"   The months i was running, i slacked in miles due to laziness, work, injury, cold... you name it i had an excuse to sit on my couch in my pjs watching tv instead of doing something proactive for myself. I did finally quit smoking though! Nov 27 was my last cig. and i have felt great! And im saving about $60 a month, bonus!

This next year, ive put myself in a position that doesn't allow excuse making.  After not having a gym membership since 2009, i have finally signed up for one! I went to Snap Fitness last night (conveniently 3 blocks from my house).  I plan to make the most that membership!  Last night was my first time on a treadmill since 2009, oh boy was it weird!  So different than what I've grown accustomed to, yet it used to be the only way i ran.  I ran 3.04 miles in 22:04 at an avg pace of 7'28"  It took me some time to adjust to the equipment.  I would like to see that avg pace decrease drastically over the next few months, staying steady at 6'30"  Practice makes perfect so ill just keep on keeping on!  After running, i continued with some biking and 50 minutes on the elliptical.  I had a nice sweat going, which is key for me.  If my shirt isn't soaked at the end of my workout, then its not the end.  I don't go to the gym to look pretty and pick up guys, i go to do some serious cardio, burn calories, drip sweat and keep my body looking and feeling great.  My goal this year, besides lowering my pace per mile is to also shed some pounds.  Ive been doing a cleanse or you could call it a detox, where I'm strictly drinking laxative and detox teas.  All herbal and all organic.  I'm trying to cleanse the toxins from my body from being sick, and of course sweating it out helps too!

Until next time...