Wednesday, June 24, 2015


This week was the kick off for #SweatPinks journey to #1MillionMinutes!! 

What is that you ask?! Only an amazing movement, bringing people together- inspiring, motivating and encouraging healthy activity! So get moving!!  Check it out, sign up, and motivate those around you:)  

I love being an ambassador for #SweatPink and a part of the community.  I have been part of the #SweatPink family for over a year now.  I am constantly being challenge and encouraged to take positive strides in my fitness and health through this community.  The challenges that i get to be a part of are amazing- Just like the #1MillionMinutes challenge! I encourage all of you to sign up and get active! This is an all summer long event and its never to late to start your journey to a healthier fitter life style. 

One of my goals for #1MillionMinutes is to get in 60minutes or more of activity every single day! Even if its just going for a long walk, its being active.  If you are new to fitness or not sure what to do for physical activity please feel free to email me with questions or for help with a workout! ( ).  Even gardening is active! So go plant some healthy vegetable and log those minutes!  My other goals are to train for another half marathon, to log 500+ miles before the end of August and to race 3-4 more times before the end of august- from 5ks-half marathons.  I love the adrenaline rush.  Another goal i have is to dive deeper into my yoga practice, hold poses longer and deeper, gain flexibility and to challenge myself.

The past week, i have started to attend more yoga classes and really get into my practice. I have felt more of an excitement for being active compared to a few months ago.  My depression is getting better, but its not gone.  I have only run once since my half marathon and am working to change that.  I have so much trouble getting out of my head.  That is another reason i love the #1MillionMinutes challenge- it gives me a reason- a purpose- to get out of my head, to get out and run, to get on my mat and practice.  

There is a running store in my area that hosts all types of running events.  Every thursday, they meet at a local public track and have an hour practice.  I have yet to get there, but tomorrow im off so im making it a goal to be there, to be social and to be active!  Im also making it a goal to start getting up early and instead of sitting around, get out and run.  I have found that an eaerly morning run helps improve my mood through out the day. 

Running is my medicine.  My therapy.  My time to reflect, pray and sort through my head.  Its time i start doing more for me that is good then dwelling in the bad. 

Thats all i have for today.  As always, #LiveForFitness
Until next time




Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summerfest Rock N Sole Half Marathon

This past Saturday, i had ran in the Summerfest Rock N Sole half marathon in downtown Milwaukee, WI.  The finish line is on the Summerfest grounds and the race occurs a week before the kick off Summerfest.  I look at the race like the ground breaking of summer. In March, after my fiance and I ran the St Pats 5K, our first race together and his first race ever, we decided we felt motivated enough to sign up for the half marathon.  When signing up you have the option to race a 5K, Quarter Marathon or the Half Marathon.  We saw that we had enough time for me to develop us a great training program and get prepared for the half so we went all in! 

Little did we know that life was going to hit us, things were going to get hard, and training was going to be placed on the back burner.  I developed a great training program for us, i had the schedule on the fridge, what we would be doing on our days of cross training planned out to the T, and i was motivated and ready! 

(if you need a training schedule or have fitness questions please email me!

We stuck to the training program for about 2 weeks. Then i found out i was pregnant, which explained why i had been feeling so worn out and unable to workout.  I let pregnancy get the best of me.  I gave into the lethargic feelings, i embraced the couch, i grew more depressed.  I would look in the mirror and complain- Im Getting Fat (in reality i stayed the exact same weight), im ugly, im no good.  The usual self loathing comments.  Non of it was true, but im the type of person who will mentally become fixated on something, turn a thought into a fact and then get pissed off or depressed. 

Things got harder, training became an idea instead of a must do.  Laziness was my queen and depression was my king.  Positive Mental Attitude was not a strong suit of mine.  But after all that happened (read link above ^ ) i finally picked myself up.  I started to take action.  Some days its a lot harder then others, and if all i do is get in a run and watch some Netflix, hey its a good day! Other days, i can be motivated and accomplish my entire to do list.  

My training still suffered though, i halfheartedly resumed it, but i ran a total of 18 times between march 17 and june 12 (day before the race).  That is not much for training- its running 3 weeks of a 12 week training schedule- and running sporadically and inconsistently.   It takes 2 weeks for your body to fall out of shape, 8 weeks to start to get back into shape.  Its safe to say, im still getting back into shape.  My training felt weak, my asthma felt like it was back (and it is). The endurance and speed i had built over the past few years was gone.  This was the longest I had gone with out working out consistently and maintaining a solid base.  

The Thursday before the race, i took a hot yoga class.  I loved it! I could feel the after affect in my shoulders and a bit in my legs the next day, but i felt great. I was finally able to do a full camel pose, and ive planned to start attending this class regularly.   My yoga practice has helped my running and mindset in the past, so i need to add that back into my life.  Especially for the ease of mind and serenity practice brings me.  That evening, i picked up my race packet and the nervous jitters started to set in! Friday night, i didn't sleep very well.  I was to nervous and overly anxious and just playing mental games with myself.  The dreaded "coulda woulda shoulda" game. One that has no benefit to keeping a positive mental attitude and that i am working on shutting down permanently. 

Race day finally arrived!! We left the house around 5:40am and parked downtown by 6:15am. We got to the starting line village (thats what it was called) by 6:30.  A friend of ours was also running the half so the 3 of us decided we would run together.  I was seated in coral B, Ryan in coral C, and Paul in coral E.  You are allowed to move back a coral but not forward.  So, we moved back to run with Paul.  Best decision i made!  
                                          Instagram photo by katielynn_grace - These two guys- they were the reason I could do the half marathon. I went into the run with basically no training- many life things had happened that made me lose my passion for running.  @sizzle_bean I love you so much. Thanks for being my rock. Ryan, thanks for setting our pace and getting us psyched up!  #raceday #rocknsole #summerfest #halfmarathon #friends #fiancĂ© #faith #fun #run #running #runner #athlete #motivation #smile #believeinyourself #justdoit #borntorun #liveforfitness

The start of the race, being a bit further back, we had a lot of traffic and congestion to deal with.  Our first mile started out pretty slow, i noticed and told the guys we should pick up the pace a bit.  We had a great time running together.  Having those 2 next to me, kept me out of my head, smiling and motivated to keep going.  The route for the half is awesome- the lake front is shut down, we get to run on the Hoan bridge- also shut down to traffic.  Its just so awesome that so many people come together to run, i cant help but smile!

When we reached mile 7, we start to go up layfette hill- the hill i did my "Hill Training" on the last 2 summers.  I decided- stupidly, to try and sprint up that hill.  Game over.  My asthma decided to come with me.  At mile 8 i could no longer breathe with ease and my mental game was weak.  I stopped to walk.  Paul looked at me and said "No" and i motioned for him to go ahead, that i would catch up.  And i did catch up, only to give up.  I was not mentally in this anymore.  I let myself drop back.  Mile 10 i started to feel my right knee throbbing and was having intense pain in the arch of that foot as well, with the pain running up to my Achilles.  My form changed and i was limping.  At 10.5 i pulled over to try and massage my knee.  A woman ran by and gave me a biofreeze packet! THANK YOU! I started to try and get my mental game back but the pacers for 2hours had passed me and i had internally given up.  I was crying- silent tears, and ran the rest of the way with my head down.  I felt discouraged, weak, like a failure, in pain and couldn't breathe. But, i finished! I finished and i had no baseline of training behind me. 

Summerfest Rock'N Sole - HALF MARATHON
Female / 29
Placed in Female 25-29
FINISH Net2:05:17
FINISH Gun2:05:17
LocationNet TimeClock TimePacePace Between
5K29:3329:339:30 /mi
8:53 /mi
10k57:1057:109:12 /mi
9:16 /mi
15K1:25:581:25:589:13 /mi
10:01 /mi
10MI1:32:471:32:479:16 /mi
10:27 /mi
FINISH2:05:172:05:179:33 /mi

I am proud of myself, not of my time, but that i finished. My best half is 45 minutes faster.   I learned a lot about myself through this process, and im planning to sign up for 2 more half marathons this year. One in August and one in September. And i have time to train and get my mental game strong! Im glad i didnt give up.  I knew that my fiance was waiting at the finish line for me and that kept me motivated.  I am excited to get back into my training and where i used to be as a runner.  I know i have to have patience and it will take time, but its a journey im willing to take. 




Sunday, June 7, 2015

My head is a crazy place

What a week it has been! I am finally starting to get out of my lazy depressed slump and back into training. My training is weak, but im out there and that is better than nothing.  Treatment didnt work out as expected.  I am not ready to completely surrender that part of my life and have found that i become more conscious and aware of food and weight when im in treatment, thus setting me back.  So i have taken steps to keep me fueled up and healthy that dont involve treatment.  I am going to continue to see a therapist and get help with my mind set and the things that mentally hurt me. That aside, i am getting back on to the pavement! FINALLY!! I have missed running so much.  I let being pregnant be an excuse to not exercise, my body was changing and i was tired. No, i was just lazy. Yes, there were a few days that i was just exhausted and running wasnt going to happen, but most of the days, i was stuck in my head, lacking motivation and just didnt want to run. 

Motivation comes from action.  If i dont take action, i wont get motivated and nothing will get accomplished. 

This week, i actually started a new job.  Ill only be working 3 days a week, which right now is perfect for me.  I can focus on my training and my health- both physical and mental.  Ill also be able to spend time doing things i love, like reading and coffee dates with friends.  Those are things i need in my life right now.  I let my life get very unbalanced and that caused a lot of mental chaos for me, which i unfortunately have taken out on those closest to me.  Sorry guys!! 

This week, my Fiance and i had the funeral for our little nugget. The ceremony was with us and a Priest, very intimate and emotional.  Im very glad that we choose to do this, as i now feel that i have complete closure.  I had my surgery follow up appointment Thursday afternoon as well, and my Dr. has cleared us to try again when my body has finished a cycle.  We are excited to try again, and we hope to have a little one in our arms this time next year, God willing. 

Thursday, before heading out for our day, we went for a run.  The weather was hot and sunny but felt good.  I on the other hand felt like i couldnt breathe and could feel how out of shape Ive become.  Its not fun!! We got in 5 miles. Friday, i was at work and didnt get in any running, but i did spend 45 minutes on my bike trainer.  

Today, i had softball at noon and afterwards, went for a run.  This run was 5.36 miles and i incorporated speed work and hills.  I have such weak training for my half on Saturday.  I know i will not be on my A game for this half. Ill be lucky if i can run at my C game.  I keep reminding myself that i am not where i was fitness wise/ training wise last year.  I wont hold 6-6:30 min miles. Ill be lucky if i can hold 7:30miles.  I looked up the pacers for this race and there is a pacer holding a 7:38 to finish 1:40.00 so my goal is to become best friends with this pacer and stick with him/her for the 13.1   I am still deciding if i will run with headphones or just talk to the pacer instead.  I think that will be a last minute decision for me.  My main goal is to stay out of my head and if i get stuck in there to keep only positive thoughts running through.  Im notorious for getting in my head, getting negative and wanting to say F**k it, im done! I have fortunately never just given up on a race but i have let myself go from a strong lead to finishing barely in 3rd because i walked and talked myself down.  

That is all i have for today.  This week i will be training hard. I dont taper, those actually mess me up, so i will be increasing my mileage as the week goes.  Until next time,