Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Love life

Hello dear friends! I am finally in a position where i have constant computer access, so i will now be able to update more frequently. I am going to be branching out on what i blog about to include things i am becoming very involved with and passionate about.  Ill still do the updates, but i have started to shy away from the constant updating on my running and fitness achievements.  I feel that i was bragging or seeking acceptance and high fives so to say. 

 I am still doing personal training, however i have had a lot going on in my personal life that has made it hard for me to commit to the amount of hours and time that Gold's Gym was asking from me.  I am now training clients as an independent (if anyone has any fitness questions, concerns, or needs advice, please feel free to reach out to me via email- i will post it at the end of the blog). 

My sobriety has still been a huge focus in my life, but more recently i have become very involved in the community.  I am volunteering at a sober club a few days a week, im part of the events committee for this club and i am helping with a lot of fundraising events that help raise awareness about addiction.  Oddly enough, i have taken on a job working in a bar as a cocktail waitress.  I love it and it just helps my distaste for drinking grow.  Plus, the money is great so i cant really complain :)  

My running has been slacking, i have been overbooking my time and and not allowing myself time to do things that i love.  My apartment has been under construction (im living in a work zone) and i had no shower for a few weeks (I showered upstairs though- i live in a duplex and am close to everyone in the house).  With all that has been going on in my home front, i haven't had the motivation to get up and run.  I've had to make plans so the women in the top floors are home so that i can shower and its not always convenient. 

Last night, i did get in a good workout.  I did a small run, just for speed, to help me gage where my times are at.  I am going to be doing the Disney Princess Glass Slipper runs this upcoming february for a birthday present to myself.  The race consists of a 5K on friday, 10K on Saturday and then a Half Marathon on Sunday.  I am fundraising to be able to run as i missed the registration deadline.  If anyone can donate to help me reach my goal i would be extremely grateful!! Here is the link: 

Its for such a great cause and is such a fun event.  I am doing it with a girlfriend from middle school/high school who i haven't seen since then.  We have reconnected and and decided to run this together.  I'm super excited and can use all the support i can get. 

Besides those few things, there isnt much else going on in my life as of right now.  Ive just been very busy and enjoying my life.  That all we can do, right!? 

Until next time... " I have found that if you love life, life will love you back" -Arthur Rubinstein