Tuesday, April 30, 2013


(**I started this entry on friday and am now just resuming it 4 days later. sorry guys!**)

The month is almost over and i havent blogged a singel run.  Im still not hitting the goal i wanted of 20 miles a week.  I started working a second job, so i basically go right from the Salon to there and by the time i get home, ive had around a 15 hour day and its 10pm.  That leaves me tired, and the last thing i want to do is keep my self up til midnight so i can workout.  I value my sleep.  I left off last, at the very end of may.  Like one of my previous posts, im just going to do a quick rundown of my activitiy (i do this for myself, its a way i keep track of my progress..or lack of). 

Friday the 29th of March i had Yoga and did not go to the gym afterwards.  Sat the 30th i didnt work out.  Sun March 31st I ran 3.05 miles in 19'45" with an avg. pace of 6'28"  M1:6'30" M2:6'31"  M3:6'24"

My March totals are as follow(im not satisfied with them, but there is nothing i can do about it now)  Total Miles Ran: 50.5  Total time: 5:35:15 Avg Pace: 6'38"

Okay so now onto April!  April has been a crazy month.  As i stated before, i started a second job, dealt with some personal probs and "relationship drama" (its all good now), and softball started.  I switched to a new softball team this year.  No longer playing with the championship team, but i think ill have more fun on this team.  I got a real shocker at the first practice i went to... the guy i had been seeing last year is on the team this year too. He didnt play in this leauge last year, so i was very surprised to see him there. He and i get along really well still and he actaully helped me through a lot that i was going through last year, like getting sober. So thankfully there is no awkwardness, i was just a bit shocked to see him there. Okay, enough of that... On to the workouts... For some of the days in april, i did not log all the activity i did, so i may have just ran that day, i may have done more cardio and/or lifting, but i slacked on tracking. :/

April Runs:

April 1: I decided to try to do some HIIT (High intensity interval training).  I ran a fast mile, walked 5 min then repeated.
M1 HIIT: 1.01mi in 6'28" 1.0-6'21"
M2 HIIT: 1.02mi in 6'16" 1.0-6'06"
M3 HIIT: 1.00mi in 6'03"
M4 HIIT: 1.00mi in 6'08"

April 2: Ran 4.04mi in 27'16" avg pace 6'45" M1:6'43" M2:6'44" M3:6'48" M4:6'44"

April 3: Ran 3.15mi in 20'41" avg pace 6'33"  M1:6'51" M2:6'32" M3:6'19" i also did 32min on the stairmaster
April 4: Did another session of HIIT (then i decided this isn't really my thing, granted it gives me a good sweat. Maybe ill try it again another time)
M1 HIIT: 1.00 6'41"
M2 HIIT: 1.07 7:07" 1.0 was in 6'36"
M3 HIIT: 1.00 6'13"
M4 HIIT: 1.03 6'51" 1.0 was in 6'37"

April 5: no working out. no yoga either, our instructor was on spring break. 
April 6:  ran 3.06mi in 20'51" avg pace 6'48" M1:6'56" M2:7'00" M3:6'29" then walked 2.01miles
April 7: Was a nice Sunday so i took advantage and ran outside.  Ran 3.27mi in 21'40" avg pace of 6'38" M1:6'43" M2:6'43" M3:6'31"

April 8- no activity
April 9: Ran 3.14mi in 20'32" avg pace 6'32" M1:6'38" M2:6'49" M3:6'31"  did 30min StrairMaster
April 10: Ran 4.09mi in 25'54" avg pace 6'19"  M1:6'34" M2:6'21" M3:6'13" M4:6'10 and then i biked 8 miles
April 11: Was at work all day so i had no chance to get in a run
April 12: This was Friday, so i had Yoga, this was the hardest class we have had to date.  Last week, we didnt have class as our instructor was sick and this week (today) we arent having class because im the only one in town.
April 13:  I didnt workout, i was at work until 5 and then decided to take it easy

April 14: This was the day of my frist softball practice.  I did not make it as i had but my transportation there in the hands of someone else and well, he overslept.  oops! So instead, i went to tehe gym.  I Ran 5.02mi in 33'33" avg pace 6'41"  M1:6'42" M2:6'43" M3:6'42" M4:6'46" M5:6'33" after running i walked a cool down which brought my total mileage to 6.03

April 15: Ran 3.04mi in 19'41" avg pace 6'28" M1:6'36" M2:6'36" M3:6'12"
April 16: Ran 3.11mi in 20'44" avg pace 6'39" M1:6'48" M2:6'37" M3:6'32" then i biked for 30 minutes (not sure on how many miles but around 12) 
April 17: I did not work out this day as i was working both jobs
April 18: I did a 5am workout.  I got my hair re-colored so i wanted to get in my workout so as to not be forced to wash my hair right after getting it done.  I biked for 25minutes (roughly 9-10miles) and ran 3.12mi in 20'58" M1:6'53" M2:6'47" M3:6'26"

April 19: Ran 3.17mi in 20'55" avg pace 6'36" M1:6'40" M2:6'37" M3:6'32"
April 20 & 21 i did not run.  The 20th i worked both jobs, so i was working from 720a-945p and the 21st i had softball practice then i worked from 3-930p
April 22: (this is where ive started to hit my lazy streak) I only ran 2.03mi in 12'23" avg pace 6'06"  M1: 6'00: M2:6'11"
April 23 i did not run.  I was at both job so again i had a 720a-930p day
April 24: Ran 2.06mi in 13'37" avg pace 6'36" M1:6'42" M2:6'30"
April 25: Ran 3.12mi in 19'55" avg pace 6'22" M1:6'27" M2:6'23" M3:6'14" 
April 26: Ran 2.22mi in 14'07" avg pace 6'22" M1:6'26" M2:6'19" (this was Friday and i was just feeling exhusted and wasnt really feeling like working out so i did this quick run and called it a day)

April 27: I worked both jobs back to back. After job 2 ended, i went and saw the movie "Pain and Gain" with that wonderful guy ive mentioned in prior posts.  Im suprised I managed to stay awake the whole movie.  I was ready to just lay my head on his shoulder and pass out. 

April 28: Softball Sunday! My coach has us come and hour prior to the game to warm up.  I got there about an hour and 15min early so i did a mile run prior to our warm up.  After our warm up, i had about 15min until the game started, so i ran another mile.  I just cant sit still! I had a lot of fun at the game, we lost, but eh, its alright! I still had fun.  Afterwards, i went to the batting cages.  I was rocking it! My right arm is sore still though. I wish the batting cages were closer, they are about a half hour from where i live. Maybe thats a good thing though, otherwise id be spending all my money there.  When i got home after the batting cages, i went on a run outside.  The weather was beautiful! I ran along lake michigan.  My goal was to try and reduce my speed and increase the distance.  Ive decided that i want to run the rock n' roll half marathon on june 15th.  To do that i need to learn to pace myself better. i can do up to 7mi in the 6min range, but i havent tried further then that and rather then burn myself out, ill take it down a notch for a bit.
I ran 4.55miles in 30'17" avg pace 6'39" M1:6'39" M2:6'44" M3:6'47" M4:6'40"

Yesterday, April 29 i wasnt going to run. I went to Alterra and was drinking my coffee reading my latest issue of runners world, which got me thinking about how today and tomorrow i have to work back to back at both jobs and wont be able to get in a workout.  I only had a little over an hour til i had to start work.  I made a quick decision and decided i NEEDED to run.  I did a short run, but at a fast pace. I ran 2.04mi in 12'17" avg pace of 6'00"  M1:6'12" M2:5'52"  Mile 2 marked for me beating my fastest mile time since i started to run seriously again.  I ran a 5'53" mile during a 4 mile run back in august. I only beat my time by 1 second, but ill take it! My goal is to get into the 4 minute range by august.  Ill first focus on the half-marathon training and then ill focus on speed training.

Well thats all.  I wont run today, the last day of April, so here is my monthly overview:

Miles: 62.4  Total time: 6:47:15 Avg Pace:6'31"per mile.  Since last month, i have gotten a faster average pace and i ran more miles.  Hopefully next moth the mileage will increase and the avg pace will drop again!

Until next time,  "On the last mile, when your legs are itred and your lungs are burning, get angry. Get angry for being tired. Then run faster"