Monday, September 30, 2013

Time heals all wounds

Goodness gracious! It has been over 3 months since I last blogged. Yikes! So much has changed, yet at the same time so little has happened.  My last blog, I was working at the salon still.  Well 8 days after that was posted, I left the salon and have since been on the job hunt.  Just this week things really started to turn around as I received over 10 calls from companies to interview and have (fingers crossed) nailed down 2 jobs!! 

This summer, I didn't run very much.  At the end of May, my hip had started acting up and I kept training and pushing myself.  I wanted to run faster and harder.  I did, and then I couldn't run at all. I ended up with a pulled hip flexer, 2 bad knees and an Achilles that was starting to nag at me. So, I listened to my body for once.  I stopped running.  I rested.  I iced.  I elevated.  I finally did what my body had been begging me to do for so long. 

My summer has been pretty lazy.  I haven't had much to do, with not working and not really running.  I had softball with my AA league.  (Yup, still embracing the sober lifestyle!)  I was on a different team this year and we finished 3rd overall for the season.  I had to have a runner for when I was up to bat as I couldn't even run to 1st base with out sever pain in my hip.  So not good!

I did run here and there when my body allowed it, but haven't really started to run again until this month, and even at that im still going easy on myself and my times are not where they were at the end of May.    I will post the monthly stats at the end of this blog.  I have decided that im not going to blog in the same format I had been.  I recently became a #SweatPink Ambassador and am so excited about it! I want to start blogging in a way that inspires others, motivates, and encourages.  Im not going to be as focused on recording my times and pace.  My nike plus app does that for me.  

Now to finish my mini update... This summer, I cancelled my gym membership at SNAP fitness and will soon be getting a YMCA membership.  I am SOOO excited about that! I will have pool access (I got in the water a couple of time this summer (hadn't done that in over a year) and if felt amazing!) and the Y also has an indoor track so I wont have to constantly treadmill train come winter.  Treadmill training, in my mind, can be done.  If you have the right shoes, the right tread, the right form and technique.  If not, you can end up injured, which is what happened to me. 

That is about all I have going on.  Just waiting to hear back on some interviews so I can move forward and getting some things back on track. 

Here are my monthly stats from June thru September.  I am still debating getting in a run today.  Its a beautiful Saturday out, 73degrees.  Not many of these days left in Wisconsin. I need to take advantage while I can, plus what else do I have to do today anyway! I think I just made up my mind.  Time to get out there and run!

June: 7.65miles total (I was very injured!!) avg pace 6'05" per mile

July: 19.3 miles total (starting to feel a tad better but not a lot) avg pace 6'29" per mile

August: 24.5miles total avg pace 6'41" (pace is soo much slower from lack of consistent workouts)

September: 38.2 miles total  avg pace 6'39" per mile

Well that's all I have for now.  I will try to be better at posting and inspiring!