Monday, August 27, 2012

Unexpected times

This past Friday, after my two day break, and the whole passing out incident, i laced up my running shoes and off i went.  I was functioning on little sleep, had just worked a 12 hour day, and had very visible bags under my eyes, but not running was not an option.  I decided to switch up my normal route and headed down to the lake front.  The weather was pretty nice out (temp of 74) and once i started running any thoughts of tiredness dissipated.  I ran a small amount (3.07miles) as i was tired and didn't want to overexert myself.  Mile 2 i was faced with a few bouts of steep inclines and got stuck at a stoplight cross walk.  I thought for sure that mile 2s time was going to be around 8 minutes, but i was very pleasantly surprised.   I finished out mile 3 fairly strong, negative splitting, which always makes me happy.  The mile times are as follows:  Mile1: 6'34" Mile2: 6'52" Mile3: 6'28" completing 3 miles in 19'55" and than added in the .07mi for a finishing time of 20'10" .  Average pace was 6'33"per mile. Not bad if i may say so myself.  I seem to always run my best/fastest when I'm completely drained and worn down.

Saturday, i got in an early morning run.  I knew i had a busy day in front of me and wouldn't be able to have time in the afternoon.  I was a tad groggy and wasn't in the mood to run, but i dragged myself out of bed and did it anyways.  I decided to run the reverse of the route id run the day before.  I ran 3.03miles in a time of 21'27" holding an average pace of 7'04".  Not as good as the prior evening, but hey, i cant be a rock star every time i run.  Mile 1 was slow and i could feel it in my body.  I felt like i was on empty. Mile1:7'15" Mile2:6'47" Mile3:7'12" finishing the 3mile mark in 21'13" 

I have not run since Saturday, and i feel okay.  I'm not aching for a run or freaking out about my level of in-activeness.  Quite honestly, i feel exhausted and would much rather take a nap then put on my running shoes.  However, today is beautiful out; its a perfect day for a run.  I might have to go fuel up, take a cat nap and push myself a bit.  There really is no gain without a tad bit of pain.

"If you don't ever stop singing, your voice stays in shape. It's like the marathon runner.  You've got to run, run, run to stay in shape"  ~Sammy Hagar

Thursday, August 23, 2012

You're allowed to hit the pause button

Today is day 2 of not running. My body has been pretty worn down and quite honestly I haven't been taking the best care of myself. My "break" is one that is much needed and that my close friends have been pleading me to take. Today at work, I briefly passed out. The world went dark and I was gone for about 30 seconds. Unfortunately, this is something that I am accustomed to. I don't pass out a lot, anymore, but it is known to happen to me more so than the "normal" person.
I'm slowly learning how to take better care of myself and how to fuel my body. Just as I am a constant work in progress, so is that.

I still might run tonight, it's yet to be determined. Running brings me a relief. It's a way I'm able to isolate myself from everyone with out being frowned upon. My mind is a constant roller coaster of unorganized thoughts, especially lately, so not running it a huge deal for me. I'm learning how to calm my mind and my racing thoughts without having to over exercise. I tend to put myself in overdrive quite often and constantly forget to hit the pause button. Lack of nutrition, constant running and functioning on 4 hours of sleep a night caught up to me today. I know what I need to do, it's just doing it that i struggle with. I'm already playing around with the idea of a late night run. I'll only do 4 miles. I figure I already passed out once today, it can't happen again, right!? I know, wrong. it can.

On Monday, I did a recovery run, or that's what I'll pretend it was. I ran 4.04 miles. Time of 28:41 with an avg pace of 7'06". Mile times are as follows: mile 1- 6'47" m2- 7'05" m3-7'15" m4-7'16". I held a decently consistent pace but could tell my body was feeling tired on the last two. Tuesday was more so a recovery style of a run, in my mind. I ran 3.06 miles with and avg pace of 7'07" so pretty consistent with the prior day. On mile two I got a sharp pain in my chest that affected my breathing so I had to pause and walk a tad to regain my breathing rhythm. Mile 2s time shows that something was up. Time by mile: m1-6"40' m2- 8'06" m3- 6'45".

Today I tried to sign up for a 5k on sept 3 but the website was being frustrating and didn't process my registration, they did however take my money. A stressful situation like that is something that makes me want to hit the pavement and get lost in my music and adrenaline. I know it will all sort out eventually. I will run that 5k even if I have to register the day of. If I keep training at a consistent pace I will hopefully run sub 20. That would make my day. It's only 3.2 miles and I can do that in my sleep :)

Thats all ive got today, so until next time, I leave you with this:
"Anybody can be a runner... We were meant to move. We were meant to run. It's the easiest sport."
-Bill Rodgers

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vibha Dream Mile 2012 10K

This past Sunday, i finally put myself to a challenge again.  I competed in a 10K.  I know, only 6.2 miles, so really how much of a challenge could that be for someone who runs daily?! I may run daily, but i never run against others, i run against the clock.  This time i was against the clock, others, and the pressure to be the best.  I didnt get 1st place so i failed at being the best, but i did get second in my age division.  Not what i wanted, but meh, its also not the end of the world. If it were, id have run a lot faster!

I got down to veterans park right as registration opened. I have this obsession with being super early every where i go. I got my number, #233, pinned it to my shirt and went to find an isolated area to calm my nerves and stretch out.  Im not typically a nervous person, especially for a competition that frankly, means nothing, but this day, i was.  I am the type of person who puts grandiose expectations on myself, so i was feeling the pressure. As i warmed up, i started to observe the other runners arriving.  My thoughts were racing, "that woman looks like she works out" "her legs are so muscular, she must be a good runner" things along those lines.  I didnt have much to worry about though, as i finished pretty well ranked.

The race started a few minutes late, and i did my best to keep my mind from racing.  I placed myself at the front of the starting line, i knew thats where my best chance was to find someone to pace myself with.  The race started off great, i had my techno music blaring and was feeling good.  My mind just couldnt shake my nerves though, i was over thinking and psyching myself out.  Come mile 4 i was starting to have self doubt and was yelling at myself for signing up to run a 10k.  Mile 4 is where i lost my lead.  I gave up for a few minutes.  When i checked my Nike+ to see how i did on time for each mile, my defeat and bad attitude were noticeable at mile 4 (my slowest mile).  Once i hit the next water check, i realized i was almost done.  A mile and a half to go.  I started to pick up my pace and decided i wouldnt let another person pass me.  In fact, i was going to start to pass up those who had slipped by me!  Rounding onto the last stretch, the grass was lined with people cheering the runners on.  They have no idea who i am, but here they are cheering for me and encouraging me.  I couldnt help but smile and feel an extra boost of energy and motivation.  I had a little over half a mile left, but i could see the finish line.  I picked up speed and sprinted the rest of the way. I did pass another runner and that was a boost to my confidence.

Overall, i had a really enjoyable experience running the 10K and i do plan to sign up for it again next year. Next time, howerver, i plan to claim first place and run a faster time.  I held a pace of 7'37 per mile and finished in 47:17  Im not ecstatic with that time, but im not going to lose any sleep over it either.  I can make excuses as to why i ran slow, such as i ran 6.05 in 42 min 2 days prior, i smoke, i didnt fuel my body correctly, but excuses mean nothing.  Point blank, thats the time i ran and nothing can be changed about it.  I just have to take better care of myself prior to my next race, and quitting smoking would help too.  I finished 2nd in my age division, was the 4th woman to finish, and overall i placed 13th out of 96. I guess i did okay.  The winner ran in 38:27 holding a pace of 6'12.  i had a chance to speak to him afterwards and he told me 3 years ago he ran a time of 47, so there's hope for me! My goal was to go 43 but obviously that didnt happen.  Until my next race, ill just keep logging the miles and pushing myself to the extreme, because I of course know how to do nothing in moderation :)

Until next time, keep on keeping on

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I am who I am

Hi Everyone, ive decided im going to start to blog again.  Only took about a 6 year hiatus. My main focus in this blog is going to be my running.  Here and there ill post about some other extravagant and mind blowing event in my life, but running for the majority.  My life is based around getting in a run, the next runners high and competition.