Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Love life

Hello dear friends! I am finally in a position where i have constant computer access, so i will now be able to update more frequently. I am going to be branching out on what i blog about to include things i am becoming very involved with and passionate about.  Ill still do the updates, but i have started to shy away from the constant updating on my running and fitness achievements.  I feel that i was bragging or seeking acceptance and high fives so to say. 

 I am still doing personal training, however i have had a lot going on in my personal life that has made it hard for me to commit to the amount of hours and time that Gold's Gym was asking from me.  I am now training clients as an independent (if anyone has any fitness questions, concerns, or needs advice, please feel free to reach out to me via email- i will post it at the end of the blog). 

My sobriety has still been a huge focus in my life, but more recently i have become very involved in the community.  I am volunteering at a sober club a few days a week, im part of the events committee for this club and i am helping with a lot of fundraising events that help raise awareness about addiction.  Oddly enough, i have taken on a job working in a bar as a cocktail waitress.  I love it and it just helps my distaste for drinking grow.  Plus, the money is great so i cant really complain :)  

My running has been slacking, i have been overbooking my time and and not allowing myself time to do things that i love.  My apartment has been under construction (im living in a work zone) and i had no shower for a few weeks (I showered upstairs though- i live in a duplex and am close to everyone in the house).  With all that has been going on in my home front, i haven't had the motivation to get up and run.  I've had to make plans so the women in the top floors are home so that i can shower and its not always convenient. 

Last night, i did get in a good workout.  I did a small run, just for speed, to help me gage where my times are at.  I am going to be doing the Disney Princess Glass Slipper runs this upcoming february for a birthday present to myself.  The race consists of a 5K on friday, 10K on Saturday and then a Half Marathon on Sunday.  I am fundraising to be able to run as i missed the registration deadline.  If anyone can donate to help me reach my goal i would be extremely grateful!! Here is the link: 

Its for such a great cause and is such a fun event.  I am doing it with a girlfriend from middle school/high school who i haven't seen since then.  We have reconnected and and decided to run this together.  I'm super excited and can use all the support i can get. 

Besides those few things, there isnt much else going on in my life as of right now.  Ive just been very busy and enjoying my life.  That all we can do, right!? 

Until next time... " I have found that if you love life, life will love you back" -Arthur Rubinstein


Friday, August 15, 2014

A welcoming change

Hello my dear friends! I am so sorry i haven't, once again, posted in such a long time.  I recently have been privileged to start working my dream job and it has just consumed my time.  I am now a certified personal trainer at Golds Gym here in Milwaukee.  I am in love with my job and the job satisfaction is amazing.   

In the time that i have been there, i have gained clients, helped change lives and outlooks on personal fitness and health, and in turn helped myself with conquering some of my own personal demons.  Most people who read this know that i have suffered a 17 year battle with an eating disorder and body image issues.  Working at the gym, preaching fitness and health, surrounded by others who are preaching the same, has had a huge change on my outlook.  I have increased my weight, im eating 3 meals and snacks a day (not that i dont have days where i still struggle, because i do) and im just embracing my body.  Its such a huge and positive change.  

My running is still going really well! Yeay!  I am training just as hard, but not as often.  I have access to a pool now, so i am alternating days with pool training and running, as well as doing a lot of weight and strength training.  I am even considering entering myself into a bikini or physique competition.  I work with such great people that i would have a constant support system and i wouldn't have to worry about doing anything wrong as i have people with experience working with me daily to help guide and direct me if i decided to enter. 

Anyways, i just wanted to give a quick update on things. Its not a very detailed one and its not very exciting but i will try to update more often and have some more exciting things to say!

Until next time "Out greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to just try one more time"  -Thomas A. Edison

Friday, May 30, 2014

Get your LYFT on :)

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a new product, #pureLYFT ! It was a bit different then what I expected, yet I felt the benefits from it.  Im a caffeine junkie so it was nice to be able to try a #CleanCaffeine.  #pureLYFT is a different form of energy.  Most energy drinks are very sugary and prework-outs require you to shake in a blender cup and leave a bit of a powder residue. Whats great about #pureLYFT is that its a stick! What a stick you ask!? Yes,  all you need is a glass of water or whatever your drink of choice may be.  You unwrap the stick, and for 10 seconds you stir into your beverage.  There is no residue left to shake up and it comes with a very clean taste.  I recommend using it in juice, as the first time I used it was in plain water and it did taste just a bit overwhelming for me.  Its not a bad taste, but its a bit bitter, to me.  I also have crazy weird tastes buds, but that's a whole different story.

I used my first #pureLYFT stick about 20 minutes before I ran.  I had an excellent 6 mile run and felt my energy stay at a constant level.   The second use, I mixed in a cranberry juice, to help with the taste, and waited about 30 minutes, to let the sugar from the juice absorb.  I then did a lifting workout followed by a run and felt energized there as well.

I would recommend this product to someone who is always on the go and doesn't have time to grab a blender cup and measure out a prework out drink.  This is perfect to slip in your gym bag or your purse.  The #pureLYFT sticks come wrapped so there is no risk of the supplement falling out.  Its a quick 10 second stir and you are on your way to #sweatpink :)

Here are some of the great features of this product
  • Zero Calories
  • Clean Taste
  • Can be used with a variety of different beverages from water to freshly pressed juices to coconut water and cocktails
  • Vibrant Alertness
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives
  • Caffeine equivalent to one tall coffee 
  • (taken off the #pureLYFT website)

    Also check out their great comparison chart here : #pureLYFT

    Overall, I really enjoyed the fact that this is a #CleanCaffeine and that its very quick and easy for when im on the go.  However, I am a personal trainer, so I do have the time to sit with prework outs and blenders so im not sure how often I will be using this product as I have other supplements that I do tend to navigate towards.

    Thursday, February 13, 2014


    This will be my first non fitness post. Next Friday, I turn 28. Im over obsessing about it and my life as to where I am right now.  I never thought I'd live past 25. I even constantly told my mother id be dead before then. And I was almost right.  In January of 2011 I mixed drugs and alcohol into a deadly combination and put myself into a 3 day coma.  After that I didn't change anything and just went right back to the bottle. Today I can admit I have had ups and downs. Relapses along the way. I got sober at 24 and spent my 25th birthday in jail. I have relapsed and gotten sober again since then and am stronger now.  The fact that 28 is a week a way is really fucking my mind though. After my drinking career and my 17 year long eating disorder which has had me hospitalized over a handful of times, why am I still here? Why?  What is Gods plan for me? I feel like I am stuck in a place I don't belong and should've left years ago, but here I am.  I have learned all I can do is trust. Trust that God does have a plan for me. That greater things are yet to come and I was left for a reason

    Wednesday, January 15, 2014

    Vega One, Mega Fun

    This past month, I was selected and given the opportunity to taste and review Vega One.  Being a constant serial snacker, this was great chance for me to make #OneChange to my daily routine and a way to help me stop my boredom eating habit.  I have fallen into the habit of eating a solid breakfast and then throughout the day mindlessly snacking.  I have a very set routine, I eat my breakfast, head to work until 4 and then go straight to the gym.  I don't like to work out on a full stomach so I snack instead.  With snacking, Ive actually allowed myself to over consume calories. 
    Introduce Vega One and not only am I no longer mindlessly snacking but am giving myself an alternative way to get all my body needs and not feel like im working out on an over stuffed stomach.   So you ask, what is this Vega One I speak of?!  Its awesomeness that you can drink! A plant based all-in-one nutritional shake. Just on shake gives you 50% of your daily recommended vitamin and mineral intake should be.  For anyone with allergies and intolerances, this is a shake for you!  Dairy, gluten, soy and sugar free!  Are you someone who after  workout enjoys a protein shake? I know I am, but Whey protein powders make my stomach churn and im left feeling queasy and uncomfortable.  Vega One also provides 15g of protein as well as omega-3's and other antioxidants, probiotics and greens.  If you make #OneChange to your day, make it with a shake.  Not a breakfast fan, that's okay, the recipe ive posted below is great for starting your day off right with getting the nutrients your body needs.  You can even make it the night before if you are pressed for time in the mornings. 
    Adding Vega One into my day has been a great #OneChange to my daily routine.  Around 2 I have my shake and I feel energized and ready to seize the day.  My workout, run or yoga practice don't suffer because  don't feel overfull and I haven't spent my day mindlessly eating a box of crackers.  I have found that, for myself, one Vega One shake midday helps keep my hunger at bay and has led me to be more mindful of having healthier eating habits.  One of the goals I have for 2014 is to go Vegan.  Being that I love having a meal supplement or something with a good amount of protein to take either before or after a workout, Vega One will be replacing my whey protein shakes and that is #OneChange im proud to be making!
    My Vega One recipe:
    1packet Vega One French vanilla powder
    1-1 1/2 cups of either almond or coconut milk (adds a thicker consistency and tastes sweeter)
    2 teaspoons of chia seeds (they are a great source of protein and i add them to almost everything i eat)
    Dash of cinnamon and 1 packet of Stevia  (i like the sweetness)

    I am very simple with my foods and my blender is on the weaker side, so i dont add tons of fruits or veggies.  Now and then Ill add a banana into the smoothie and that adds a great combination of flavor and fullness.