Friday, December 11, 2015

Nektar Naturals #BeeSweet!

Recently, i had the opportunity to try out Nektar Naturals Nektar Honey Crystals. The honey crystals reminded me of instant coffee, but instead, instant honey! Nektar Honey Crystals are all-natural granulated honey. You can get the crystals in easy to go packets or an easy pour bottle.  Honey on the go with no sticky mess!  

I really enjoy having a cup of tea at night when i want to relax and prepare for bed and I love pairing natural honey with my tea.  I often end up with a sticky mess and honey on the counter top.  What i love about the Nektar Honey Crystals is that they are all natural, non-GMO and are naturally gluten-free.  I just added a teaspoon to my tea and i was good to go. 

The Nektar Honey Cystals have the same flavor as regular honey. I received the bottle of crystals with a set of measuring spoons which made adding honey to my tea easy.  I also added the Nektar Honey Crystals to my plain Greek yogurt. I ended with the same great honey taste and an extra texture to my yogurt. 

The Nektar Honey Crystals are also great for cooking and baking with.  I love to bake granny smith apples with cinnamon in the oven.  I saw the idea when i was a kid on a PBS show and have been obsessed since.  I added the Honey Crystals to the inside of the apple as they baked and ended with a delicious flavor.   For more great baking recipes, check out their webpage
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Another beneficial thing about the crystals that i love, is that they contain natural electrolytes. Being a very active athlete, this is a great benefit for me. When I add them to my tea is not only adding great flavor, but benefiting me! You can also add the crystals to a bottle of water for added flavor and added electrolytes.  
I really enjoy how easy the crystals are to use and look forward to creating more with them.  If you love honey but hate the mess, i highly recommend the Nektar Naturals Honey Crystals to you! 

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